Alexandre and Lidia TKATCHEV hold the highest awards possible in the sport of Gymnastics. Alexandre excelled in 1980 Moscow Olympics winning a Gold medal on parallel bars and a Gold medal with team.
He has a Gold medal from the World Cup on high bar in 1977, as well as a Gold medal in the World Championship on the bars and team in 1981.
He also is All-Around European Champion in 1981. Alexandre is most famous for his “Tkatchev” which is a high bar routine created by and named after him. This move is one of most famous and difficult moves and is seen in almost every high level and Elite bar routine by men an women throughout the world.
Lidia is a 1975 World Cup Silver Medalist and 1976 Olympic Team Member. She was also a 1975 Russian National Champion.



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  • Seperate “Parents Observation” Room
  • Pro-Shop (leotards)
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